Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Guards Ooltewah, TN

Gutters do not have a very complicated construct. However, these simple water collection systems serve an indispensable function for the longevity of your house or building. As the rain drips off the roof, it falls into the gutters and is channeled away from the house after falling through the downspout. If the gutter systems were not in place, water would run down your home's outer walls during any rain, and drip down into the base. The problems that would be associated with this are leaks in the basement, increased erosion of the outer walls, and wearing away of any painted or decorative stained surfaces. However, simply having gutters isn't enough. In order for them to work to their designed capacity, they have to be relatively free of debris, and there cannot be any blockages. If you live around the Ooltewah area, Elite Property Maintenance is the place to call to make sure your gutters are prepared to do their jobs. Similar to our window washing, this is a job that is done by hand. Our staff does not use any blowers or vacuums. We will get up on the ladders and diligently see to it that your gutters are free of debris. We will clean absolutely everything in the system with the exception of any gutter helmets. Elite Property Maintenance likes to make sure that when we do this job, we don't go about defeating the purpose of protecting your walls or gutters by scratching them. Our team utilizes stabilizer bars, so our ladders will never come in contact with your gutters. When we are done cleaning, we check to make sure that the down spouts are freely running water away from the house before we put our equipment away. And of course, we clear all the debris that lands in your yard from the job and haul it away with us. Would you like to reduce the frequency that your gutters will need to be cleaned? We have just the tool for that. If you want clean gutters to last much longer, purchase our gutter guards. The price of guards can vary, but they are cheaper than gutter helmets, and equally as effective. Elite Property Maintenance proudly sells Leaf Relief gutter guards, and is more than happy to install them for you. We consider Leaf Relief to be the Cadillac of all gutter guards. Their unique performance ability includes the fact that they are to a large degree self-cleaning. Especially in areas with a lot of pine needles, Leaf Relief gutter guards allow the rainwater to push debris to the front. Our company has been installing and selling these guards for nearly 10 years, and we swear by them. We do have another cheaper brand that is also reliable, but not as much so as Leaf Relief. Elite Property Maintenance and Leaf Relief both stand behind our work with a confident warranty. The gutter guards themselves carry a lifetime warranty. Our installation work is warrantied for three years. Get serious about protecting one of your most valuable investments, the house. Contact Elite Property Maintenance to do the cleaning of your gutters and put in guards, to protect your home from the ravages of water erosion. You will get the best workmanship along with the best product, for a very competitive price. With this job, you will come out ahead every time. You will not find another place that will give you as much for your money in the Ooltewah area. Give us a call today.