Irrigation Repair, Maintenance, & Installation Ooltewah, TN

If you have a sizable yard here around the Ooltewah area, watering your lawn via manual sprinklers can be a task. Keeping track of time in each area, remembering to go move it while tending to other household duties, and being confined to your home while it is being done can be a major inconvenience. Fortunately, in recent times, we have available the option of having the very convenient home irrigation system. Elite Property Maintenance began this sector of the business in the year 2014. Though it is still not a large portion of our overallrevenue, we aim to grow this sector, and have started to do so through our flawless workmanship. Elite Property Maintenance has become adept at the maintenance and reparation of existing irrigation systems, as well as installation of new ones. A top performing irrigation system all begins with proper installation. And that starts with thorough planning. Before we dig into your lawn, we come out and prepare a site plan, which includes precise measurements of the dimensions of your yards. We determine proper placement locations of each sprinkler heads, and how many of them we are going to need to do the job thoroughly. we are confident enough in our capability to warranty our work. If the problem is not with our labor, but with an equipment failure, we check the warranties on those parts and reacquire them for you. The maintenance and repair side all begins in the spring, when grass actively grows again, and will be in need of regular watering. Elite Property Maintenance provides a thorough spring startup service during this time. We test all of the zones, and make sure all the heads are still functional, and replace any that are not. The timers will be tested and set to your preferences. On the other end of the season, we winterize and shut down your system just as well as we start it up. The water is completely blown out, the valves are shut down, along with the removal of any backflow preventers that need to be taken out. Should anything go wrong with your system at any time during the year, our staff is fully equipped with both the training and the products to fix it quickly and correctly. We have all of the sophisticated electrical diagnostic equipment that will quickly detect and fix broken wires, along with hidden or missing valves. Computerized irrigation systems are continuously developing in their technological improvement. That means that in order to provide preeminent service, our owner engages in continuous educational classes, and passes on the newest state of the art training to his employees in this realm of work. Though it is important for us to work hard, it's even more important to work smart. Are you interested in the convenience of having your lawn automatically watered at optimal times of the day and the week? Or do you have an existing sprinkler system that is in need of repair or maintenance? Our proud company is eager to add you to our list of satisfied clients. Making irrigation systems in Ooltewah run smoothly, call us today for more information.