Lawn Care Ooltewah, TN

In order to have a beautiful lawn to raise the property value of your home, it is important to understand all of the components into achieving that goal. While things like proper mowing and edging, as well as cleaning leaves and twigs away are clearly essential for the neatness and cleanliness factor, that component alone will do very little good in the long run if the things that are necessary to keep your lawn healthy are neglected. At Elite Property Maintenance, we are dedicating ourselves to becoming the preeminent lawn care company around Ooltewah. Our ownership and staff has the knowledge and the diligence that is necessary to make sure your lawn is able to grow optimally, and resistant to threats such as floral and faunal pests, and also severe weather conditions. Our lawn care consists of a six step program which includes fertilization and pest control. Our fertilizer is of the slow release type, which means your grass will get a steady supply of nutrients over time, instead of getting too high of a dosage at once. This will keep the sod consistently nourished in between our visits. Much like the human body needs to eat moderately every day instead of gorging itself with food one day and then going without for a while, grass is much healthier when it is evenly fed. Without proper and effective pest control, your grass can be killed by unwanted flora or bugs. Weeds grow without manual plantation, taking root in your yard through forces of nature, usually by the wind blowing in the seeds. This is a true testament to their hardiness. They can very rapidly take hold in an area and establish themselves. Possessing an exceptional system of roots, weeds can absorb the nutrients that are meant for your turf, killing and displacing your grass. Our weed control application is mostly organic, using minimal man-made pesticides, so that the good plants are not harmed by our program. The same will hold true for our grub control measures. Our products can effectively penetrate the soil and repel the grubs that invade your lawn from underground, eating at the deep roots of the grass and resulting in your yard thinning and browning out. Two often overlooked task by the layman are aeration and overseeding. Over time, soil can become compacted, making it more difficult for the roots to grow deeper and absorb nutrients. Aeration relieves that compaction, and allows water and fertilizer to permeate underneath much easier. This makes way for overseeding in the holes that are made, which yields a considerably thicker body of grass, allowing less room for weeds to take root. A key thing mentioned above that separates our company from its competition is our near exclusive use of organic products whenever feasible. Not many companies around this area are chiefly organic in their fertilization or weed control products. At Elite Property Maintenance, we wish to maintain the health of your lawn while also taking into account the surrounding environment. We are indeed a green company in more ways than one. Our record of satisfying homeowners and business proprietors everywhere in the general vicinity of Ooltewah is unsurpassed. No matter how large or small your lawn is, or what kind of grass you have, our team knows how to keep it vigorous and healthy, and resistant to the usual threats that it may encounter. You will not regret leaving your yard in our hands. Give us a call today for more information about this or any other of our available services.