Lawn Maintenance Ooltewah, TN

The lawn maintenance sector of Elite Property Maintenance began in 2001, when our owner of what was then chiefly a washing company met a friend who was in the lawn care business. He determined that by expanding into the lawn maintenance service, he could also secure patrons for his other services. Being a versatile company has a tremendous advantage. However, it isn't enough by itself to make a company successful. You must also perform your service well. That is why our business has grown so much over the past 15 years. What originally was just an expansion and a relatively small part of the company has now grown to nearly three quarters of our total income. That is a true testament to our dedication to not only doing many things, but also doing them better than anybody else. Like our use of pressure washers will beautify your house itself, our lawn maintenance program will leave a lush, sharp looking foreground that will catch the attention of anyone passing by. Any customer that has come to us for this program in the Ooltewah area can confirm our claims to be 100 percent true. Though most people are certainly capable of cutting their own grass, there is a clear difference between an amateur cut and a professional job. Most laymen are not familiar with the specifics of cutting their grass to the ideal height, as that can vary somewhat with the type of sod that you have. Also, there is something to be said for experience. Our staff, who does this for a living on a daily basis, can leave your lawn looking much sharper than a person who is only performing the task because he must. Our outstanding quality service certainly does not stop at mowing. Our lawn maintenance program is comprehensively full service. Some of these tasks will even extend to tending to your landscape beds. We will lay down the proper mulch for your flowers and shrubs, to provide a cover for slower evaporation of moisture, as well as contribute to the fertility of the soil. Inevitably, you will get debris in your yard as a result of the changes in weather. Plants and trees lose their foliage, and dead wood is also removed, and will land on your lawns and landscape beds. Cleaning all of this up is a job that few get any joy out of doing. If you would like to save a lot of time and drudgery doing this by yourself, we would be happy to do it for you. Our major yard cleanups are done in the spring and fall, and will leave your lawn and landscape presentable for the next season. At Elite Property Maintenance, we know how well attractive flowers and plants will complement a nice, lush looking yard. In order for flora such as shrubs and trees to look their best, they will need to be properly pruned. By the time our professionally trained lawn maintenance team is done cutting and shaping your plants, they will look the most beautiful on the block. Whether you are a residential homeowner, or a business owner in town, we have the staff and equipment to maintain your lawn, as well as the plants in your landscape. Elite Property Maintenance continues to serve the region around Ooltewah better than any of our competition. Don't keep your lawn and trees waiting, please give us a call today for more information!