Pressure Washing Ooltewah, TN

Surely you do not rely on rainfall to clean your car. While rain is a great aid in lawn care and lawn maintenance, being beneficial for your grass and plants, it can also introduce dirt to the surface of your car, the drops catching it when it is blown by the wind. The same thing applies to the surfaces of your property. Therefore, they will be in need of pressure washing, somewhat similar to those you see going through the local car wash. While it may seem obvious to most that pressure washing will definitely improve the appearance of your property, there are some that might not be aware that it can actually increase the longevity of it as well. Your outside will be able to last much longer without needing any repairs or replacements done if you have it maintained with periodic washing. And there is no better place to come to in the Ooltewah area than our business to handle this often overlooked job. Part of doing the best job and keeping a competitive price is our selection of the best commercial products for the task at hand. In our business, we do not use any steam pressure washers. Instead, we opt for the cold water types. Cold water allows us to keep the cost of this service down, and it suffices to get rid of any loose paint or dirt off of any surface on your outside home or driveway. The other component for this first class service is obviously our staff. They are adept at getting rid of dirt, dust, and other debris from just about any surface of your outside. When you pull out of your driveway going to work in the morning, do you miss the way it looked when the cement was first poured? Are your houses bricks looking duller than before? We can take care of all of that, in addition to other surfaces such as your vinyl gutter guards and sidings. These pressure washers are used for almost all of our surface cleaning, with the exception of windows. Window cleaning is a separate service that is done far more manually. Of course, it doesn't pay for a business to do this job if it ends up damaging another aspect of your property, namely your outside flora. At Elite Property Maintenance, we are proudly conscious of the environment and make exclusive use of products that are safe for plants and grass. In all the years we have been cleaning properties, we have not received a single phone call from a homeowner or a business proprietor about their grass or shrubs dying off as a result of our washing. Many surfaces, especially wood, metal, or paint, are prone to degradation if they are left chronically dirty. This leaves a ripe environment for things like algae and fungi to grow in and eventually cause damage to these surfaces. It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Pressure washing, much like gutter cleaning, is both a prevention and a cure. It cures the unattractive appearance of a dirty surface, while at the same time preventing future damage to your property. Now that we have shown why you need to have your surfaces pressure washed, and why our company is the best equipped and qualified to do it, why wait any longer? If you are anywhere near Ooltewah, we would love the opportunity to beautify the outside of your house or office. We look forward to your call, and doing business with you.