Window Cleaning Ooltewah, TN

One of the most basic ways to enhance the appearance of any home is having clean windows. To anyone looking at your house from the outside, the added sparkle of a shiny window immediately makes an impression. For the occupants of the home on the inside, it not only makes the interior more attractive, but also improves the view that you have to the outside. A lot of people around the Ooltewah region, just like across the nation, spend a significant amount of time cleaning their own windows. While most people are capable of washing their windows for an adequate result, that result will not suffice for the staff at our business, should you allow us to do this for you. Elite Property Maintenance can get that professional grade of glisten to your windows with a completely streak-free finish. Many homes also have windows that are high up and difficult to reach without a ladder. Our staff is trained and also has the necessary equipment to handle this task much better than the average homeowner. There is a safety factor in allowing us to handle this job for you. Our staff climbs ladders on a daily basis. We do it for window cleaning, pressure washing, and holiday lighting jobs. Crewmembers have the proper safety equipment such as belts and holsters. We are also more adept at doing this without damaging your windows or home in the process. Elite Property Maintenance supplies our crew with stabilizer bars for the ladders, so the ladder itself never comes into contact with your house. There will be no chance of scratches, dents, or any other mark from our work. Our staff at Elite Property Maintenance does not use pressure washers or hoses to clean your windows. To achieve the perfect finish, we stress this service with the heavy use of elbow grease, coupled with squeegees and strip washers. The windows are cleaned with hand tools. We can clean both your interior and exterior. Or, if you would prefer we just clean one side, we can do that as well. Having the perfect finish that is streak-free also requires using the right products for the job. Our cleaning solutions are all free of ammonia. We believe this helps achieve a better shine when it is all finished. Elite Property Maintenance is also gradually moving into even more advanced cleaning solutions with the use of pure deionized water. For now, this is only available for exterior cleaning. Elite Property Maintenance stands behind our work with a guarantee that there will be no streaks by the time we leave. If any streaks are found, you can be assured that we will remedy that problem before our staff leaves your premises. Our main clientele for window cleaning is residential. However, we will also do commercial buildings, as long as it is not a high rise. We can do ladder work with a maximum height of 40 feet in the air. If you want your house to have the cleanest windows possible, we have the people and the equipment to do just that. When you contact us, we can give you a free estimate. We'll also come out to your house beforehand so we know which equipment we need to bring to get the job done. Why spend time cleaning windows when you can do something more fun while we do the work for you, with a better result? Serving the Ooltewah area, give us a call for more information.